What to expect from ATC Toy Haulers

What to expect from ATC Toy Haulers

ATC trailers are 100% aluminum framed. No steel to rust, no wood to rot. Each trailer is welded 360 degrees for the strongest frame possible. Not screwed together like traditional RV’s. Aluminum doors, ramp doors and cabinets build in house by ATC. ATC uses aluminum for the roof material and extruded aluminum for the floor. No vinyl, no wood.

Convertible Configuration:
ATC toy haulers maximize space by being versatile. As the customer you can configure your trailer to fit your needs. There are tons of options to acheive the perfect build. Don’t worry about leaving something out, you can always add accessories later.

Easy Cleaning:
If you want ease of use and peace of mind ATC toy haulers are perfect. Specifically designed to be hosed out when mud and dirt are tracked in. No worries of damaging wood and other materials and wont absord smells like traditional RV’s

Cost Effective:
ATC Trailers have an excellent resale value so consider it to be a long term investment. 3 year transferable warranty. Because of the materials of ATC trailers you dont need a monster truck to tow. These are light-weight for smaller tow vehicles.

There are 6 bumper pull models and 3 fifth wheel models. Multiple garage sizes to allow for any type toys you want to haul. An integrated frame allows for indusrty leading carrying capacities.

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